Would it kill you to fix the cancel-dialogue-with-spacebar bug?

Still not working...

Gonna keep bumping every 24h till at least some dev says they are even LOOKING into it for crying out loud.
Last bumped on Sep 13, 2018, 10:29:07 PM
We made it so you can rebind the "close all UI" button from spacebar to any button, if so desired. So it won't work if you bind spacebar to something else.

This is not a bug.
Code warrior
awww i really like the skip text with space while having my middle button space bar...
Why can't we have it work as both inventory toggle AND dialogue killer like it used to for the last 5 years??

Who the hell travels to "i" to toggle inventory??
Thumb on spacebar is THE BEST setup by far in a game where we need to toggle the inventory constantly for arranging it, taking stuff, dumping stuff, it's the most used key in the game!

Also, it DOES work as dialogue closer, though I think unintentionally;
if you have any page open on the left, like character screen, social page, etc., then start a npc dialogue and press space, it will open the inventory and end the dialogue.

Why can't you make it work like that, without having some side page open??

I just don't get it...
It's been ok for years, why did you change it?
Can't you make a double-function-bind for it?

Priority on shutting down npc dialogue, that's how I think it used to be.
= Hit Space bar =
:if: dialogue is running >
end dialogue >
:if: no dialogue running >
toggle inventory.

Can't be that hard?

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