Daegon's Crafting Service (+ Fractured Fossil Mirror Service)

Recolored my corrupted bow. Quick and easy, will craft with again.


colores my weapon and socketed with v8 , fast guy
Great help with crafting.

Got my BellyoftheBeast with 4B 2G color sockets :D
3s my corrupted Saffel's. Would use again!
good service ty
A very good Craftsman and even a better person !!!
Thanks very much for the Crafting.

Fast and friendly, thank you.
Can vouch 100%. Crafted 6 sockets on my stubborn Terminus Est and Atziri's Disfavour. Fast and friendly service!
Can Vouch, crafted my multimod bow!
Linked double corrupted body very quick and safe, great service

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