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Hum would this work on devoring totem.

Also Might be great coupled with cremation since both crema and the phantasm are projectile based.

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Yeah... but summon phantasm skill sucks in a huge way.
NICE looking 3D model! I will use this as skin transfer!

The staff itself also looks great. 5% life reg is huge and will help summoners in lab for sure. With 5% life reg, you wont have too many problems surviving trap damage.
Head_Less wrote:
would this work on devoring totem.

Absolutely not. You're not consuming corpses with devouring totem, the totem does that.
This is just another 1alch unique for reddit karma. I don't think anyone likes Summon Phantasm enough to build around it, and there are better cheap staves for selfcast even if you didn't want to use a shield for some incomprehensible reason.
This thing will live or die by its So what is it? Hopefully 0...
Just spit Balling So Consuming Corpses. .

Dominating Blow, Herald Of purity. (these Proc the Spirits)
Or alternatively
A) Low lvl (1) CWDT, Desecrate, Offering(flesh), Unearth?
B) CWDT, GMP, UNEARTH, offering(flesh)?

BTW Volatile Dead and Corpse Explosions are not Consume Mechanics.
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BlaqWolf wrote:
Yeah... but summon phantasm skill sucks in a huge way.

Ya but you Only Need a 6 Socket To 7 link The spirits...
Turning them into Ranged Death

LvL 20 also Allows for 10 Spirits...
Which is Huge For Summoners...

Tbh This could be Really Good With Offerings and Necromancer Builds...
Sweet lord
I am your Devine one Bow before me
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may be half-summoner,half-autocast build's staff.

Heartbound Roop + CWDT + offering + (unearth) or something
for auto resummon phantasm and 5% regen.

good with "when hit" item/passives/pantheons.
("2% regen you were Hit Recently" boots enchant etc.)
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I feel like this staff has an identity crisis, but maybe its just a staff for corpse destruction builds and the minions supposed to be an added bonus rather than the focus.

All I know is i'm not sure
It's nice but it's a shame it doesn't have any "minion damage%" modifier on it to really provoke the hybrid caster setup.


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