Here's another example of how you might be using socketable currency in the Delve League!

are golems minions? can.. can we have a +1 golem rare?
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More inventory space mod, plz. All this rollable craftable insertable currency clutter is making my head resonate in tetris wavelengths.
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One might point out that that thing (relic/fossil/WTFitis) will only be for the top tier farming elites - i85 minimum.
Unless you embrace the meta and go broke doing it, you'll never find one of those for yourself.
Most replies in this thread only reveal that most people have no clue about crafting even though some of them played the game for years.

For the "no more Bones of Ullr" crowd: that mod combined with ms will probably be rarer than an exalt drop so hold your breath before you dismiss good old bones.

Can't wait for someone to get one of these roll minion resitances and come on here to qq cuz they're clueless when it comes to crafting.
im guessing everyone gonna do spectre build , with +1 max spectre on every slot.

Is the +1 to max Spectres a mod that you can only get from the resonators?
If so, what other mods are we getting?
If not, are we getting new crafting mods in the regular mod pool with the patch?
xMustard wrote:
that seems like a gigantic waste.

lets see how rare these orbs are and stuff. that seems like a lot of mods to get very few good mods on your gear. i speculate it'll be slightly useful (still like 30% chance) to get an upgrade while leveling, but otherwise it'll just be better to sell everything and buy what you want in end game.

It seems rather like an extra crafting mess.

The crafting is already cluttered with many different things (masters, essences, currency orbs, annulment, …)

Why doesn´t make crafting cheaper and less rng based and instead cluttering it with more and more currency types.
Master upgrades would be cooler.
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It looks cool, but I am wondering something. Is this spectre mod exclusive to boots? Can any item you use that fossil on roll +1 spectre? That doesn't seem reasonable could we could well end up with billions of spectres XD. So is this just a new mod that boots can roll now, or is it a new mod that only boots can roll and only by using the fossil? Kinda like essences give specific things to specific item bases?
Hemmingfish wrote:
Just in case you still had any doubts that GGG was forcing a summoner meta

This is not going to make summoners meta. They have too many flawed designs that can't be fixed by a few numbers. And I'm pretty sure that this item would worth many exalts.
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