Am i the only one who hate and ignore all incursion's mechanic ?

yep i hate it
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You're not the only one, but you're in the minority. I hate some stuff about it. It can use some tweeking. But not enough to ignore it entirely.

The biggest problem I had with it is that I could easily do T12 maps but had to drop to T7-8 if I wanted to run incursions. They should address that.
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in flashback i ignored alva and incursions...i dont hate it just find it a bit boring now, the novelty factor wore off after the first couple of weeks in incursion league
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dtk92892 wrote:
yep i hate it

Probably you hate it because incursions required very specific kind of builds. It should have very high single target damage combined with very good clearspeed. Every build which require gem swapping will suck in incursion. Same thing with molten strike based bosskillers. With “bosskiller” gem combination there will be big problem with clearing incursion and open doors, with “clear” combination firepower could be insufficient for T14+ architects. Unfortunately for you, there will be quite similar mechanics in Delve so I’m afraid, you have to adapt or find another game
Incursion was the worst league so far.
zsolti16 wrote:
Incursion was the worst league so far.

Id say Invasion was the worst, but this one got stale. Perhaps they should stop making leagues with names starting with Is?

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You are not alone. Incursion enforces meta builds, and I think that is going to be very bad for the long-term health of the game. Thankfully it's a pretty easy mechanic to ignore since you have to interact to activate it. Still, the timed Incursions need a major nerf, I'm fine with the temple itself being hard but the Incursion mobs need a serious nerf.
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