Requesting Visual Loot Assistance for Hearing Impaired


[This is not a rant. I have tried to write this as logically as possible :">]

I am writing on behalf of a friend who's not confident about his English. He has been playing PoE and enjoying it. He's so far played only melee type builds where finding loot has been somewhat simple as looking around. However, I often found that he misses valuable things because he can't hear properly.

He has started playing ranged builds and he's been having a difficult time looting.

While it's true that instances in PoE are not vast, the playstyle that we adopt usually makes it difficult to go back and loot even for unimpaired people, because you can easily forget if going back is worth it. We've all played many other ARPG/CRPGs where loot (good ones) are highlighted in the map.

The unidentified drops would make that a difficult thing in PoE. But at least it could be done for Currency, especially for Chaos, Regret, Divine and Exalted orbs or equivalent. It could also be made a part of the loot filter.

I am sure he would appreciate that, as would many that come to play afterwards because the game would have become more friendly towards them.

Thank you for reading.
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