Can we get some actual communication?

It's painfully obvious that Xbox is far off of GGG's radar. But could we - at the very least - get some more communication from the devs? Jeff might as well be the only one here, and he's very selective as to what he replies to. It's likely because he works at GGG, there are rules there. So I doubt it's because he wouldn't want to tell us how things are going. Still though, we're left in the dark about 99% of everything. It's a sad point in the game where the most insignificant and small QOL addition that should've been there from the beginning is added and the community members - myself included - are hyped about it.

And another thing, PoE on Xbox isn't advertised at all, not even a little bit. I sincerely doubt that anyone who isn't part of the PoE community even knows it exists. It isn't plainly shown on the PoE site, and finding it on the Xbox store is actually just as obscure.

Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
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Well put I agree with everything you said
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I kind of agree, maybe update the FAQ with some upcoming features? They said chat feature is coming so an ETA would be nice.

I get that PC is their main source of income but the silence (I guess slow progress would be more fitting?) is a little disheartening after spending close to 200 bucks on tabs and supporter packs.
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