[3.7] Unarmed Dominator, Max Block Facebreakers, Infinite Life Flasks, Shaper Viable

Is the helm enchantment (dominating blow damage) removed?

Yup it is gone.

The two perfect Warden's Bands are pretty essential, unless you get mirror level steel rings instead.

The damage mostly comes from flat damage being amplified through Facebreakers, so a neck with more flat damage will see huge gains.

Specifically, Abyssus + Warden's Band x2 + Blood Grip + 1 abyss jewel = 87 to 195 physical damage.

The nodes on the tree, plus The Nomad (40), and Gruthkul's Pelt (100), combined are around 440% increased damage.

As long as you have around 80 to 190 flat phys damage, and 380% increased phys damage, you'll end up in the 100k punch range on a six link.
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