Got my HH, now to really start playing the game!

I got my Headhunter and this exile is still sane!

Currently leveling (Poet's Pen) for a Tri-Herald BV Elementalist. Boss killer and end-game is what I'm aiming for.

Planning to complete all challenges, or at least the 36/40 to get the portal before the end of the league!

I've got a MF KB Deadeye for BC farming and other low-level content.

Started the league with a few builds before settling on Arc Trap to farm for the PPs for leveling and the currency to build the MF KB.

Currently streaming with Nvidia, high quality bitrate. Cam and mic coming soon.

I've been playing a few years and like to think my memory is good.

I love to theory-craft and help answering questions!

Thanks for checking out the stream! Even a follow would be a huge help!
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