Royal Destiny Protectorate | Challenge League SC/Social Guild [PC][Discord][Global]

Royal Destiny Protectorate is a Softcore Challenge League guild. We are looking for new members from around the globe to join our community! We welcome all applicants of any skill level, game knowledge, and progression. We do ask you to have completed Part 1 of the campaign, however. We do require you use discord, but you do not have to use voice chats.

The Royal Destiny community started as a Warframe clan in 2016 and has now expanded to Path of Exile! We offer our Path of Exile members the resources and conveniences of a 6,000 member Discord while supporting the camaraderie of a small, tight-knit community. We promote a positive and friendly environment for players of all skill levels and experience.

1. Spam, harassment, racism, doxxing, NSFW content, or discussion about political / religious topics is not allowed. This includes account and character names.
2. Be respectful, friendly, and helpful in guild chat and in Discord.
3. EULA / TOS violations or discussions encouraging these will not be tolerated.
4. As a challenge league focused guild, inactivity cuts will begin at 7 days unless absences are previously arranged with Guild Officers or Guild Leaders.
5. See #rules-and-info in our Discord for a full list of rules.

To apply for Royal Destiny Protectorate, reply to this post with the following format, or fill out an application in our Discord #apply-here channel via this link:

Character Name:
Character Level:
Source: PoE Forums
Guild: Royal Destiny Protectorate

Be ready to answer some of the following:
Roughly how often do you play Path of Exile?
Do you play other Path of Exile Leagues (SSC, SHC, SSF)?
Tell us a little bit about your gaming history and what attracted you to Path of Exile?
Do you know any Royal Destiny Protectorate members?
Do you use Discord?
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