What happened? Lag/deaths galore

Ok I admit, i had issues with path of exile when i started, the league, but slowly they sorted themselves out. Till now

Now I am getting huge FPS spikes, when entering a map, incursion or anything else, its basically a death - no getting around it -

I do not have a crap system, Yes, maybe 8GB of RAM is not enough to run Path of Exile, but it runs Final Fantasy 14 at full blown graphics without a skip jump, or texture problem, Borderlands 2 same effect, open it up and play till my hearts content, Daiblo 3, Star Wars The Old republic, all good in the hood.

Then there is path of exile.. that refuses the run at the lowest possible graphics correctly

Go into a map, shoot lighting arrow at the first group of mobs - and die - not die as in oh damn they had reflect, but my GAME freezes for 15 seconds, and I die - go into a a incursion, well I have stopped doing them because its basically a 20/80% split that ill fail because of lag. and that 80% , is NOT to the good.

I get it, you all update the game constantly, and you do a fine job of new visual effects, and the like, but all them pretty effects mean nothing, when you can't play the game.

I enjoy playing Path of exile, when it runs - but sadly that has been less and less reliably as the patches go on - more and more crashes, sudden disconnects, and lag outs -

I have run DxDiag, checked to see if maybe something was wrong, with net connrections, and the like, but all and all everything seems fine, more and more its just Path does not wish to run worth a damn
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Ever since 3.3.1, the game has been almost unplayable for me. Fairly regularly disconnects and lag spikes. Trying to email w/ GGG tech support, but their response rate is once a week.
i have the same problem as both of the posters above. i have previously posted about it in the bug report forum.

the game was playable in 3.2. in 3.3.0 i had very low framerates (< 10) in incursions and temple pretty consistently. i messed around with settings, lowering my resolution and playing temple in fullscreen, to get it to a tolerable state. then 3.3.1 came along and spikes started occurring throughout the game, particularly in incursions and the temple. architects casting causes massive frame time spikes. i have tried everything i can think of or find: updating graphics drivers, many combinations of settings, changing load options, defragmenting my hard drive, changing computer RAM options. nothing has made it better. if i was not leveled and very tanky, i would have quit this league after 3.3.1.

This is my DxDiag.
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And a week later, with others saying there having the same issues, and no reply to even attempt to fix the issue. That is just sad -

I have posted my DxDaig before, and people told me it is fine, i have gone to the lowest possible settings, run in full screen , went outside and offered up a sacrifice to the lag gods.. and on the internet, the answer is.. play another game. Seriously people said that. LOL

Anywho ill keep checking back in case someone actually has the heart to try and fix or reply to the issue aforementioned above.
Completed 14 ChallengesTheGoju wrote:
And a week later, with others saying there having the same issues, and no reply to even attempt to fix the issue. That is just sad -

They are probably working on it. While I don't think it's the best way to do things, I think they have a policy of not discussing these things because (1) they don't want to get people's hopes up in case it takes longer to fix, (2) it brings attention to the problem and more people start complaining, and (3) the staff working on it may not be approved to interact with players and the ones who are don't know what's going on.

I think it would go a long way to just let the players know that their problems have been noted.
Hmm I just posted something similar to this, only my troubles just started today... if they are working on it then something is going very wrong!
Do you guys have Nvidia cards??

i had similar issues and had to go back to older drivers, actually went all to way back into 2014 drivers :P
You Only Level Once d:-D*
ever since 3.2.1 this has been an issue. It's not being resolved anytime soon.

AMD Card btw (RX-460 & I cannot upgrade it.)
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