Guffin's Sweet Services | ALL Endgame Bosses | All Masters 8 (except Leo)

Did uber elder with only 1 portal and fast. Thax for service, c ya next.
thanks for the help, very fast and safe
Helped me with a T15 elder and I got a double clarity jewel from it :)
Carried my uber elder and uber guardians, mans a hero!
Best carry service I have used. Was super quick and courteous, the easiest most hassle-free run. The last guy I used sold my other uber elder portals and took some loot so I was pretty wary after the burn but now I have this thread bookmarked for the future! 10/10
Fast and safe service.

Would recommend !
Helped out with a desperately needed shaper run and did it at a speed that I didn't know was possible :O

Thanks again Guffin!
very helpfull. strongly recommend ;)
Guffin's Sweet Services is the best service a player would like to get in Path of Exile.
All Content Service and Challenges completion. Gives you the boss loot like Shaper Fragments and other hard to get items. Guffin do the service for FREE.

In some difficult mods like those in Vaal Temple, refund 100% the price of the map item or set.

Wont sell your Shaper Set spots like other players service do.

Players like Guffin should be supported to continue their FREE service.

I higly recommend this player.
Very kind, friendly and helpful.
Thanks for the help.
Had some fun doing liches, uber guards, and uber elder.

Good stuff, stand up guy, would use again.

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