DSC - Boxa's Master Crafting T8 & Leo 7 + Bossing Service

Completed 33 ChallengesDrSlaughter wrote:
vouch :)

lol I think I crafted this guy's gloves...no idea what people are thinking when they make posts like these.

Thank you for the vouch I guess.
Three socketed and three linked a corrupted claw for me. Did not ask for a ridiculous amount of currency. Would recommend!!!
TY for the Uber Elder Run. Very fast and the drop was lucky.

Thanks for linking/coloring my gloves, +1

Quick and professional thanks for recoloring :)
Helped me recraft on a ring for perfect resistances, thanks mate once again!
fast ez uber elder run

Made this for me. Second time using his master crafting service. 10/10
Very kind man. Thanks again!
IGN : Epic_Bitch
I know the league has died down some and with that so has my play time, if you need me for any of the services I provide please feel free to pm me on the forum if you don't see me in game.

I'll still be on here and there as I'm close to 40/40.

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