Leo's quests.

Aodui wrote:
Altnaharra I think you might be playing in a bad gateway / at a bad time.

Joining the California gateway, for the first two hours after daily reset, I always get my Leo quest daily in Standard and Incursion.

I have been doing my daily, every day, since they started, often in two leagues, in the hopes that one day this rep will mean something.

On 1v1 days sometimes I stick in the queue until I've fought a few different people.

Next time you cannot find someone, I'd pull up a global time zone map and see what area of the world just got home from school / work and try joining their gateway.

You might have to build around having a bad ping, but at least you can find the people.


The one quest I do not do, that I hate, is the "win a game as one of these classes you are not currently playing" quest.

I am all for that quest being removed, or replaced with something more interesting.

Swapping it out for "kill three players of this class" works for me, then I can at least try to find three Marauders.

I do not see a point in making Leo rep farming easier, or giving it more rewards; I do not want people who do not want to PVP farming Leo rep, as they complain a lot when the rest of us are trying to have fun.

They just do the daily because it is there, not because they need to do it, or because they like doing it, these people are mentally ill and need therapy.

The only therapy I can think of is spawn killing them in Sarn, open for other ideas but for now that is all I have suggestion wise.

PVP is its own reward - but I do like that the daily entices some people to give it a shot, and that those who are not mentally damaged can then choose to never come back without really missing out on anything.

Gateway timing might indeed be thing, the queue has only ever worked for me right after quest reset. I've sat in queue for 30mins - 1h. That just doesn't do much for me.

It's not just about farming that leo rep, though the enticement that he provides doesn't seem to spur much.

Swapping it out for "kill three players of this class" works for me, then I can at least try to find three Marauders.

My thoughts exactly.

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