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When i logged in today i had 19 exalted orbs (or at least i strongly believe i did) and i just checked and i had 15 exalted orbs (Incursion league). Is it possible to check your trade logs to see where i traded any exalted away? Say in the last 4 hours or so? (4 hours before this post's time stamp)

I would appreciate it very much because i feel very stressed about it...

Thank you in advance
Last bumped on Jul 6, 2018, 2:40:26 PM
You are sure that you didn't master craft some items? Because some of the master craft mods cost ex.
Yes i've never done 1ex master crafting ^^ I guess that could have explained it but not in this case...
Well if your account was hacked, then all would have been taken so I think you have to accept that you used it on "something". What that is, I dont know but are you sure you didn't buy a jewel or something?
No my account was not hacked because i was logged in all the time since i woke up yesterday

I am just very confused what happened to the 4 exalted orbs.. Maybe i mistakenly remember the wrong number? Or maybe i traded away exalted orbs instead of chaos in a trade?

Well it's already been a day so i'm not thinking so much about it anymore but it still feels bad when i think about it.. :o
Please remove this thread? (the thread been ignored for a month already and now i don't really care so much anymore)

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