Unusual Disconnects and Ping problems US gateways

I've been playing PoE since Harbi and haven't had much issues until a few days ago. I'm getting disconnected just sorting stash in hideout, mapping, just playing in general. Also when I press F1 and watch my ping it's usually fairly stable but it's like a roller coaster even just walking around in hideout. I also get stuttering that I can describe as inputting actions for a few seconds only for nothing to happen and then I get teleported backwards like 4 seconds.

I play through steam on Tx gateway (predictive mode) but if I feel I need to I go to Washington or Cali but all of them seem to have the same issues described above. I use a wired connection for all my PC web browsing / gaming and have made sure wifi on my computer is turned off.


^ the pastebin for WinMtr Tx gateway july 10th. hopefully i did it right :/

I usually watch Youtube or Twitch while playing PoE with no problems. During the problems described above I don't get any problems on my web browser like video stuttering or slow loading of new pages

Fixes I've tried:

Restarting my router
Restarting Computer
Updating Graphics Drivers
Playing with no web browsers open
Switching between lockstep and predictive mode
Last bumped on Jun 10, 2018, 11:28:02 PM
june 10 not july 10 my bad >.<
I have been having this same issue, very annoying. One time I literally just logged in and got a d/c.
I don't think this is a problem with your computer or setup there.

There's approximately 10% packet loss introduced on the first hop between your router and your ISP. I would recommend contacting your ISPs tech support, and sending them the same MTR output so they can troubleshoot what's going on.

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