Molten Strike causes game freeze+crash with ancestral call

Using molten strike + multistrike + ancestral call and whenever I encounter a large cluster (null portal/abyssal worm/incursion) my game freezes and I hear a loud buzzing sound before it crashes. When I restart the game it always counts the crash as a death. I managed to work around this issue by replacing ancestral call in densely populated areas but they are sometimes hard to predict and the freeze/crash/deaths are making it harder and harder to level.

I am unable to record the freezes and I'm playing on an Xbox One X hardwired into a 100mbit connection.

Last bumped on Jun 10, 2018 10:00:54 PM

Thanks for your report, this issue is being looked into now.
Crashed in time portal when hitting large pack. Same skill links. Molten strike + multi strike + ancestral call. Xbox One S. 50 Mb connection.
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