No landscape on minimap

Xbox one x gamer tag( Krellar)

not sure on gateway

currently using a wired connection

has occurred since launch of 3.30

does not crash

I thought i saw info on this somewhere else but cant find it in the bug reporting so if this is already a known issue , i apologize.
Last bumped on Jun 18, 2018, 11:55:28 AM

Please check your options, see the 'Landscape Transparency' and 'Map Transparency' sliders and adjust those.
I agree with OP. I always keep landscape on and double checked the transparency settings for it in the menu. I also used the sliders to go from full transparency to full opacity. Neither adjustment showed the landscape. Only since latest patch.

Xbox One S
US East
SC Incursion
I have used both sliders map transparency is working , landscape is not

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