Continuous crashing

Yea we’re trying anything as it’s unplayable the amount of times it crashes. Re installing doesn’t solve the issue that’s for sure. Sorry it’ must have been a stroke of luck yesterday to this afternoon no crashes .
Well, set up a stop watch on my iPhone to start a timer. So as soon as I jumped into Kaoms Dream I could get an exact time print to the point of it crashing, so I could use the Record what happened (up to 5 minutes ago) option and know which one to select so I didn’t have loading screens, waypointing from town etc. in the video. Well game crashes and you can’t use that option after it closes. My only option now is to use the Record from now (up to 10 minute option) and if that fails, Use my iPhone and hold it while trying to play then upload to YouTube and send GGG the link that way. I have taken all cosmetics off of my character but did just realize that my Bladefall still has it’s cosmetic on. Will give it my last push and if that doesn’t work, will switch skill completely (or not use it at all) and wish for the best. I will have no further options to change on the matter, other then getting video out and testing other acts and zones to better help GGG in finding the problem areas/ causes and hopefully they can use my information to help find a solution asap.

P.S. I’m using an Xbox One S [500gb], Wired, 120mbs Internet connection.
UPDATE: After disabling my Bladefall cosmetic and Wrath aura (Still ran Clarity) managed to finally get about 15 minutes of gameplay and make it thru Kaoms Dream (Finally!!) made it to Kaoms Stronghold, got my waypoint and made it only 3 minutes in and it crashed again. I thought I had figured out the issue and ruled it being my Golden Blade Fall Effect (MTX). Seems as though this isn’t the case, will now try running without using Bladefall and see what happens. My buddy TwistdGunn (Xbox Gamertag) is having no issues with crashing what so ever, some minor lag but that’s common. He’s using an Xbox One S, Wireless internet connection, Lives approximately 40 minutes away from my location, Hes using: Blade Vortex + Added Fire Damage + Physical to Lightening + Controlled Destruction + Echo + Increased Critical as his Spammable skill. Also uses Whirling blades, and Heralds. If I crash again without using Bladefall, He will then run me thru my zones being the only damage dealer as I just follow and see if we can get my game to crash again. If it doesn’t then I’ll know the issue may be with traps in general.
I think it has nothing to do with cosmetics, because my character has no cosmetics and I can not play 2 minutes my game closes
FINAL UPDATE: Had my friend Re-Run me through Act 4 killing all mobs, roughly an hour of gameplay and no crashes. Finally decided to use Bladefall and me run with him following. Within 2 minutes, my game crashed (we was attempting to see if his game would crash as well like it does with my wife’s when we are partied together and on screen with each other) needless to say, he wasn’t affected. After logging back on, swapped Bladefall for Lightning Trap, and have been spamming the heck out of it and playing Crash/Fps drop free. It’s now been roughly 3 hours and I’m problem free (just look at time from last post for exact time of gameplay) So I cancelled it out to being Bladefall being my issue. Will live for now I guess but PLEASE GGG fix Bladefall as my characters build relys on it as my main spammable AOE skill.

As for everyone else having crashing issues, I feel for you deeply. I’ve put up with it for almost 24hours and man does it make you wanna throw your controller through the TV. Try process of elimination, Skills, Gear, Acts/Zones and try to find the root cause if you can. There’s definitely something major going on here that needs to be fixed ASAP as no one is really quite having the same issue and it all happens at very random times.
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I get huge FPS from necro mage skeleton build. To the point of freezing crash. It’s awful and needs fixing ASAP. If it can’t handle the amount that spawns plus your own minions then what’s the point in even making tiers that high ?... it starts by going hazy like the filters trying over filter the graphics smoothing it out causing FPS to drop fast. All particles from projectiles are over whelming the system too. Cast speeds not even fast either
Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your reports. These issues are being looked at internally as we speak, I'll post an update when I have more information to share.
Ty for your attention Jeff, unlike the Brazilian forum that so far have not spoken until now.
Also have this issue, had it about 4 times in 2 hours last night. I will try reinstalling the game tonight and see if it happens again. Note i am on xbox one s using external SSD (not sure if this may cause an issue?)
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