Temple of Atzoatl - No full clear

Is it possible that there is a secret room somewhere that you need the explosives to open?

If one user has been able to get down to 5, it seems there must be something secret / special to find those last seven monsters.

Is it possible that the doors that the explosives can blow up are considered a monster? I thought I checked this when I blew up a doorway but am not 100% sure. I do not believe the doors are counted.

I also always end up with 7 monsters left after a full clear.
Same thing for me too, double, triple, even quadruple checked every nook and cranny of the temple and jungle, but still seven monsters left.
Had the same problem yesterday, so topic's still alive. :L
Waiting for patch...
Sure there's something goofy going on, but why is everybody so obsessed with 7 monsters showing on the remaining counter? What am I missing?
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I have the same issue. Made sure I cleared everything. Checked multiple times (every room while entering it). happened three times already with always 7 monsters remaining.
just had the chance to clear the whole thing. and yup, down to 7 as everyone.
Got the same problem as everyone else. 7 monsters remain.I did notice that I have 7 rooms not linked together. maybe each doorway is classed as a monster, may need explosives III to complete. Depending on your key drops.
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