Abyss not spawning in Moon temple

I have now done two and not a single Abyss spawned after uncovering whole map.I have never known a restriction on where they can't spawn so this is a new one on me if this is the case.

Last bumped on Jun 22, 2018, 10:06:38 PM
This needs to be bumped as it cannot appear even when guaranteed by zana map mod.
One cannot help but wonder how such a lust for loot can affect a persons mind. Although these exiles appear to be our salvation, it would not take much for them to turn on us as easily as they fight gods and demons.
Fuck me, just wasted 10c thinking i fucked up the first map and didn't see i opened it. BUMP!
Zana moded map and no spawn of abyss. Pls fix!
Same happened to me Zana's mod for abyss does nothing neither does fortune favors the bold, I've gotten abyss with both and no abyss spawned in the map at all.

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