Here's another possible reward from a Tier III room in Incursion!

Last bumped on May 15, 2018, 1:11:49 AM
seems alright

gonna be a massive pain to use these mods though, just like it was with warbands items. Pretty much gotta hope you'll hit a good aug and regal on the first shot for them to be remotely worth it compared to a shaper/elder item.

...unless these mods are gonna have special properties, like being unable to be rolled over by currency. THAT might make them usable.
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These are going to make leveling much nicer
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Bex bringing ES back
Wait level 12 required?
the craziest part of these items are there level requirements, so low compared to an item with the same roll without the second property (this ring would be level 59 if i'm not mistaken)

there will be some insane leveling sets around next league.... geared for maps by act 5, seems reasonable :)
Ah. Good ol' power creep. Ain't it lovely?
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powaaaah cwweeeeep

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