No idea if this is worth something

So, I'm completely noob and happened to find the following. Can anyone tell me if/how much this is worth something? Also if possible with reasonings.

Last bumped on May 17, 2018, 3:39:01 AM
noone needs proj. speed except some oldfashioned spark totem build or quillrain based build Maybe..

bruning Damage nice to have but the wrong item...

low fire Damage, too low…

just put it in your stash, try to Price it around 1 ex, after one week waiting, lower it to 50 chaos and after that Vendor it because ist using space u might actually want for good items
in my case i would probably save some time traveling the 4 meters to my next Vendor and just delete the item, sry mate, but Maybe my thaughts are comepletely wrong, never played any Burning dmg build but what i know from items until now is that this one sucks a bit^^
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