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There are two kinds of people:
- people who want autobuyout
- people who fix prices on market
I am confused why my cross league trade thing gets so little feedback. I have not logged on my standard chars a single time since incursion came out but i bet there are items someone would like to buy.

It would be easy, simple and a huge improvement imo.

So all the stuff i have on different leagues would be marked as online no matter where i play. Then just send the offer to me where ever i play with a notice that its on a different league.

This could be optional with a check box in settings or something.

On a sidenote... whats up with all the recent ex/c worship?

I made several 2-3ex offers with roughly 10% overpay using c/fus/vaal and all get denied due to not pure c/ex.

because going through the process of reselling all of that for chaos isn't worth 10% overpay.
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
rangerDangerr wrote:
because going through the process of reselling all of that for chaos isn't worth 10% overpay.

I still dont get it.
C/fus/vaal all have same stack value.
They are all used regularly, with fus being the one with highest demand usually.

Why must you sell them for chaos? You dont use vaal or fus at all? You dont like the looks of vaal?

I personally never have any issues with other currency. Id rather take a stash tab of mixed currencies so i can craft etc than a tab of only c.. ofc the value has to be the same.

Fus has been one of the easiest currencies to trade for ex. No one wants c over ex but a lot need fus to 6l so they trade ex for fus.
Maybe you're just unlucky or send offers to 'those' people. I trade in mixed currency all the time and they get accepted, and I tend to accept mixed currency offers as well if it's something I need/want or I know sells.

Vaal I don't like, you only really ever need a few of them unless you're corrupting maps, which isn't sustainable anyways for most people. That and they're 1:1 with chaos in incursion league, and if anyone tries to sell them for more than 1:1 I shake my head and call them autistic.
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
The board isn't the issue, the idiots using it and coming up with ridiculous prices is the problem.

Some highlights being:

Some joker smoker wanted me to pay 5c for a Bated Breath (an item you can't even give away on PC), proceeds to call me a newbie and claims it has perf rolls, proceeds to not respond when I reply back to him that the int and s/b recov aren't perf.

The price of Breath of the Council. It's selling for ~10c on PC yet fools over here are trying to charge 3ex+ for it and it's not selling but they're so ignorant they don't even grasp that it's due to their outrageous greed so they'll just let it rot in their stash all league like a dumbfuck (xbox players love to do this with niche items, watched some clown do it with a Dendrobate during garbinger league).

People somehow still haven't grasped the simple fact that just because an item is unique doesn't mean it's also high value. Pull your head out of your ass and stop trying to hit Billy Gates status off of selling a trash leveling item.

The playerbase is twindling and new player retention is abysmaly low thanks to the idiotic greed of the playerbase, every single person I've tried to get to play this never lasts more than three days before jumping to PC since it has prices that are set by people who actually utilize their brain. I'd bet anything that all these greedy people are dumbasses from Diablo 3 (the ARPG for the shittiest of the shitters).
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+1 to the guy above.

Just yesterday i was buying a lioneyes fall. This is the 3rd league i use one and every time i have bought it for exactly 1ex

Someone asks 65c, i offer 1ex.
Responds that he wants 20c ontop.
I say i have always bought it for 1ex and i will just wait if he does not sell it for that.
He declines without a message and sets the board price at 2ex.
2hours later bought one from tradeboard for 1ex.

Slizzered wrote:
I'd bet anything that all these greedy people are dumbasses from Diablo 3 (the ARPG for the shittiest of the shitters).

I for one still play D3 and PoE, and those with half a brain should realize they are very different games. Is it a great game? Not anymore, it had its time but it still fills an itch. The only main reason to log on there now is grab the season rewards, which takes ~6 hours to do.

Pricing on the board is a bit outrageous, I won't deny that. But you also have to see that one main reason you aren't seeing the ones that are reasonably priced is more than likely someone has already bought it.

Something that I think would help, but may not be feasible, is some kind of MSRP on items. This would give players an idea of what something is worth. Said data could easily be obtainable from poetrade, a place that most console players will probly never visit for various reasons.
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So many salty players that still don't understand how much better the Xbox economy is overall.

They say the player base is nonexistent and dwindling, then complain when people sell breath of the council for 3ex. You understand that most items are very scarce? Clearly you don't. This isn't PC where thousands of players (and bots) are farming things.

You are not good at the game, that's all it is.
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
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^And here we have a prime example of the type of person I referenced, no understanding of how a market actually works yet thinks he can pop up and interject while trying to be snarky. This the 2018 troll; someone who isn't witty, can't even grasp the concept well enough to do a halfway decent job of trolling it and resorts to ad hominems that look as if they were constructed by a 5 year-old.
I'm the last of a dying kind,
A stand-up man not the crying kind

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