character and stash deleted

i deleted my character through linking steam to the new account the character was a ranger called arrowaliator lvl 86 the stash was upgraded with 2 colors and 1 extra shatsh its gone with all the items plz help me
robert eid
Last bumped on Apr 17, 2018 3:13:21 AM
E-mail and they can reverse the account link for you. Nothing was deleted; your Steam account can only be linked to a single Path of Exile account at a time.
thank you for your reply i appreciate it i wish i knew :S anyway i already sent the msg through mail like an hour ago hope they reply soon anyway good work and thank you again for your help keep up the good work :)
robert eid
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Hey there!

I was just checking into this for you, it appears your forum account is now no longer linked up to a Steam profile so hopefully this has all been resolved and the links restored to how they were previously.

Please let us know if you have any further troubles!
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