Scion champion ascendancy node

After a bit of testing I'm fairly sure that the champion node of the Scion's duelist ascendancy is not functioning when pertaining to the intimidate/taunt. I ran through 10 maps with out a golem up and my 10% chance fortify would fire off quite a bit. Then my 25% chance to taunt never did or it doesn't display the ring signaling taunted enemies like it should. When running a golem in 10 maps it would hit enemies and they light up consistently signaling they've been taunted.

I also ran through ten maps with a warcry to taunt and it seemed to work, but never with the 25% chance to taunt on hit from my Ascendancy. So fairly certain a large portion of the champion node is not functioning properly.

I am positive that intimidate has not functioned at all as well.
Last bumped on Apr 15, 2018 9:07:58 PM

I've verified these internally and both appear to be working as intended.

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