Vouch Thread of NNev.

Friendly dude. Let me port in on uber elder right before the kill to see the loot. Even did it on wrong NA realm with lag. Took a few ports but totally my bad. 10/10 well spent chaos
damn easy for him ! did 2 uber atziri kill including boss and challenge. safe fast realiable !!

++++++++ recomend
10/10 Uber elder carry ez clap
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Saved my ass with 1 portal left in Chayula got the Blessing :)
10/10 Boosted my uber elder and we got jewel. Thanks and ill see you next uber elder ;3
Great Uber Elder carry. Super fast and friendly.
2 Mins. Very Professional
Did Uber Elder with no problem and gave back all loot after paying the fee. Very Professional.
Uber elder

10/10 fast, safe and reliable

Keep it up, mate!
Clean and easy Hall of Grandmasters carry.

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