Stash tabs problem?


Would you be able to provide a video of this behaviour occurring? Does it happen every time you open a tab?
Pressing the Xbox button on your controller brings up the a menu where 'X' is listed as capture (which captures the last X seconds based on what you have it set to). After capturing the video there's an option to upload it to Xbox Live or OneDrive. From there you should be able to get a link to the video.
Would you be able to provide me with your gamertags?

When did this start occurring for you?
It sounds like there's a connection issue on either the server side (specific to the gateway you login to) or a connection issue on your end that's popped up. Would you be able re-check this tomorrow to see if this problem persists?
What gateway are you all logged into when experiencing this?

The gateway is listed in the top right corner when you have your overlay enabled (Texas, Washington, etc, etc).
Von_Wufgar wrote:
Just did a hard reboot of the Xbox and now it's all working fine.

Good to know!

For those of you experiencing this issue, can you also try hard re-booting your Xbox. Hold the power button in for 10 seconds while the console is on. This often resolves localised issues.

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