Feels like I might as well be playing Standard Leage

theres always potential for progression until your characters are lvl100 with close to perfect gear.

Depends if you got the stomach for that progression tho, are you gonna take it to a level of spending 100+ exalts on a single piece of gear, are you gonna push past lvl90, past lvl95 and so on? there stops being progression when you hit a wall that youll never realistically get over, those walls are kind of different for everyone.

I feel like I have a very high gear wall, but theres some people who will go over it, they have the means to get 1500 exalts together to craft a single item for themselves. For me Ill never put that much currency into 1 bit of gear so progression ends for me before it gets to that point but there are those guys out there who can make enough currency to step up to that stage, for them thats an actual goal they can work towards and achieve over and over.
No shame in playing standard, i haven't touched this pokemon bullshit at all. I said that ascendancy changes and aditions to the core game were great and a nice move by GGG. Ofc the league is ... so you better be enjoying this changes on standard unless you have the required niche taste for the league.
I had just a few hours to try bestiary, now I’m stuck in work 10 days already and just reading on forums how “great” this league is.. Well think once I’ll get home I’ll go standard too, not cos t league but cos no time to play this league...
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standard seems to have a more active trade scene going on. Even I am tempted to hit standard
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I don't see how people can play standard, even with a bad league mechanic. There is literally zero progression in standard, unless you're a new player.

Well, on standard I at least have the alchemy orbs to roll my maps which don't have to drop because I sit on several thousand.
I went back to SSF, quite enjoying the ride.
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Completed 2 ChallengesDoubleU wrote:
I went back to SSF, quite enjoying the ride.

Same. Enjoying it. Also enjoying being out of the drama all these little cry babies that have barely played this league.
Completed 5 ChallengesSnorkle_uk wrote:
you wanted character models, foxtactics in my guild was mad they didnt spend the time revamping old skills, I wish they would have used it to make new forms of endgame to play...

we all have our different things we wanted them to make.

How many people were sitting there in the run up to the announce thinking "I really hope they make a zoo and yet another detached and different way to craft items that takes more effort for less reward than the 3 orb/essence/master crafting mechanics we currently have"?

If the answer is literally 0 out of the 3 million people who have played this game since 3.0 I honestly wouldnt be surprised.

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Surprised you gave it a 1/10, I've played since closed beta, every league up until I read Beastiary. Looked shitty, sounded shitty, decided to give it a skip. After reading forums and reddit, no regrets whatsoever. GGG has been slacking what brought many people to the game in the first place, separate HC/SC leagues, races. Where's all that shit gone? The international race with 10 people hardly equates to what we use to have...

All these new prophecy items yet a lot of items and gems like dominating blow, veil of the night really need upgrades or revamps. But because they're never in meta use they see no sunshine.
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Yup. I've been mostly playing Standart. Maps, gear, Alchemy orbs, Ascendancies... and most importantly - no stupid net drops 30x per map making annoying loud sounds.

Completed 14 Challengesopeth wrote:
GGG has been slacking what brought many people to the game in the first place, separate HC/SC leagues, races. Where's all that shit gone?

Not profitable enough. Lay off content creators, hire gambling box MTX designers. Kaaaching!
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