Unknown item (to me)

Hello! i cant seem to find info on this item, could anyone help me identify what it is, how it drops, what its worth, etc.

Demon Mangler, Gavel

It has an animated background of a star scene.

and a very nice stat : socketed gems are supported by lvl 18 increased critical strikes

thanks in advance!
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That's a shaped item, bud. Shaped items drop from time to time on shaper-influenced maps- you can tell which ones those are by the area that's got squiggly tentacle border around it, and can roll some mods that normal rare items cannot.
Thanks for helping. Since i cant find it anywhere on sale on the trade section, i cant evaluate what its worth and i have no use for it. Do you have any idea ?
search the base item on poe.trade and scroll down and where it says shaped make it yes, then search the item level and that will give you an idea on its value
Silly me, i forgot we could change those parameters in the trade search, thank you so much! and aparentely it is worth something !
Post it here. All you have to do is click on it with a "post reply" on your screen and it will put an image of it for us.

Like such

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I remember my first one too. They're not all that rare though. Yours there looks kind of fun for a molten strike build.

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