About the MOD "Martyr's Grip"

I would like to know more about this joke of MOD called "Martyr's Grip", a MOD as rare as drop of Mirror Kalandra, from level 1 to 94 and was the first time I saw this, anyone who knew this MOD should already imagine that when I saw I took an instant kill hahah. So, I would like to know if this joke appears in the map description, because I'm sure I'll die when it shows up again and it's not worth paying attention to the group of mobs, its appearance is extremely rare
Last bumped on Mar 14, 2018, 4:51:11 AM
Always have a info about the mod "Genesis" for us to stay alert, so I assumed it must have something about the Martyr's Grip which is much more dangerous than Genesis, in fact dangerous is a weak term, should rename it to "Guaranteed Death" in the map description xD
You should read up on Tormented Spirits.
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Martyr's touch shouldn't even exist. It punishes exclusively the melee builds, and in relation with the current speed of the game turns into guaranteed death in most of the cases.

Its mechanics are shit as well: damage is imba, strictly elemental, and also unavoidable - can only be mitigated (gl with that at higher content + certain map modifiers).

I can think of at least 3 deaths with high level chars to this shit. You just see a couple of posessed mobs running at you, a second later you wake up in standard.

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