Can we get an explanation please?

Can we get an explanation of what the Xbox announcement forum is for vs. the other announcement forum? Also since we don't have manifesto forum, is the original one ours too?

Announcements like today are confusing, they are talking about what is coming up, but I suspect they aren't talking to us, but then there is no corresponding Xbox post to talk about these things so I think maybe it was for both, but not everything applies to us? Teaser stuff works like this, Chris addressing overall issues works like this. Basically we get patch notes and sometimes a post about patch status, and whatever you are able to tell us Jeff.

I know I give GGG a hard time about the differential treatment, but this one is very confusing. I never know what does or does not apply to the Xbox platform.

If the answer is, only the stuff in our forum applies to us, can the team start making an effort to communicate more in this forum too? If the answer is sometimes stuff is in both, then please ask the team to stop doing that and make it more clear. If there is another answer that just makes it obvious, then I welcome that answer.

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Last bumped on Mar 12, 2018 6:31:07 PM
Hi Jauron,

Thanks for your feedback, I've passed it on so we can improve on these posts in the future.

As for the post in question, patch 3.2.1 that Natalia refers to is being worked on for PC release later this week with the Xbox One release of it following a few days later as previous patches have.

EDIT: The post has been updated to mention that it applies to the PC version with it coming on Xbox as soon as it's ready.

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