bug with trade board notification?

i think theres something bugged with the way notifications get buffered. like long after you accept one or cancel the offer where the offer no longer exists you will still see the notification come up or when you stall the notification from opening your stash it happens too. is this working as intended? should you be seeing notifications on offers that no longer exist?


you have the trade board open, you either get an offer or offer someone something. you accept their offer and take the item out. you close the trade board, and you still see the notification. and then theres like something messed with it where when you change zones it appears again
Last bumped on Mar 12, 2018 3:14:29 PM
It is intended to still show you the notification when you close out of inventories that block the notification from playing (i.e trademarket, inventory, etc). As for it playing again when you swapped areas, can you recall if the first notification had finished playing (disappeared) before you had swapped zones?

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