Portals disappearing on auick logs...

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional. If the latter, please explain why we cant quick log. Or if this an already known issue, is there a fix coming?
Last bumped on Mar 12, 2018 10:26:09 AM
Can you elaborate on the issue you've experienced.

What area were you in? Were you idle in a town area for an extended period of time, tried to return to your portal and it was gone? You used logout, returned to your hideout and portals were no longer there? Any information you can recall would be helpful.
Sure, so one spot that has happened everytime for me, on 4 base classes (witch, templar, duelist, maraduer). Act 1 the area between the ledge and the submerged passage. Previous to 3.2 I would drop a portal, go submerged kill boss, quick log, turn in, TP back, and zone to the ledge. At first I thought it was maybe an increase in load times causing it, everytime this has happened I still have the map fully unlocked. So I'm pretty sure it isn't a time span issue. Also it has happened in act 2 was with a friend and we each needed different bandits. So I dropped a tele at (outside the arena) oak and quick logged while he helped, I quickly noticed in town that there was no portal.

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