International Kitava Kill Event

Note that the way that these boss-kill races work is that people only appear on the ladder when they have completed the goal. So watch some streams below to see them play!

This race is limited to the five winners of the Piety Kill Race.

You can see Tencent's official stream of the race (with commentary in Chinese) here. Scroll down a bit for the embedded player.

Check out these streams of the competitors:

ZiggyD and Havoc are also providing their own English commentary.

For more information about this event, check out this post!

Congrats to DeadandDoom, RaizQT and Nugiyen for placing as the top three!

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Over/under for number of deaths? I'm thinking 4.
Hope Raiz will win!
why isnt the thing logging their xp?
DeadandDoom <3
You Only Level Once d:-D*
do more of this :)
only deadanddoom and raiz manage to finish xd
GG o/
Twitch VOD (entire event)

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