what is this god awful FPS

the fps on end game maps is literally unplayable. what a joke lmao
Xbox is GGG's neglected step-child.
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I havent got near maps yet but have noticed lag to be worse than last league generally...
- Xbox only player
I agree the FPS in later maps with large pack sizes and pack clearing skills with chain etc were barely playable, optimising network connection helped a bit.

Looking to optimise XBOX to run smoother, reviewing forums as we speak.

Wondering if dropping from 1080 to 720 resolution might help? Could GGG please confirm?

Any other top tips for improving FPS on busy maps on XBOX one S?

Wondering if dropping fork and chain might help from ice shot, as last build I think must of had >100 projectiles on screen at times.


There are a lot of end-game builds that optimize specifically to avoid causing lag, especially in multiplayer situations. And, these are "PC" builds. So, I wouldn't say it's exclusive to XBox, but I do think we feel the pain a great deal more than someone running this on an adequate PC might.

Optimizing for lag isn't unusual. In D3, for instance, there were builds you couldn't easily run on Xbox or PC without causing issues. For instance, running Whirlwind or anything that hits often and then coupling that build with a "Pain Enhancer", which is designed to work with a bleed mechanic, would cause horrendous problems, making it an almost unplayable build for the Xbox for a time. (There were improvements, later, but was still often an issue.)

I do agree, though, that the Xbox just may be a bit too understrength for smooth PoE play. Optimizing one's build to limit lag is a start, but the mobs don't optimize their builds to make our play experience any better...

So, have fun with the next Abyss that opens up with a loot pinata that dumps fifty-bajillion bits of lag on the ground to mix in with the heeps of bodies already on the ground. (ie: In a map with large numbers of corpses already in the same area as the Abyssal, coupled with their piles of loot being rendered, don't even bother trying it if you've not got a build specifically optimized for low-lag play. Just... let it go. GGG should code in a graphic unload for objects on the ground after a certain time, but leave the "loot box" menu description so you could still pick them up. That "might" help in some situations.)
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i dont experience many fps drops at all thanks to the handy dandy dynamic resolution feature, maybe your build is just extra laggy
I have really no issues either on a day one edition xbox one which is behind the times.
the fps on end game maps is literally unplayable. what a joke lmao


Could you provide me with your gamertag and the character name you're experiencing this issue with? If you're not comfortable posting that publicly, please send me a private message.

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