Lordbean's Loot Filter

I've spent a long time building and refining my own personal loot filter, I thought I'd share it for people to try, if they're looking for an alternative to other options out there.

I built my filter with the overall goal of keeping the screen as uncluttered as possible. I play the game with always show items enabled and key pickup disabled (Diablo II style mouseover pickup).

My filter is built in two layers - the visible layer, and the background layer. The visible layer (the stuff that directly passes the filter) shows on the screen, and generally only includes items that you would always pick up in the normal course of gameplay. The background layer is accessible by holding down the "Show items and objects" key, and displays useful items you might want to grab (such as white jewelry, high level white armor and weapons, flasks, etc).

My filter does not include any audio alerts. I find them disruptive, and I have no particular need of them as I play exclusively on SSF leagues. If you want them, add alert lines to drops you want to hear alerts for.

I generally make tweaks and updates to my filter about twice a year - roughly corresponding with additions to the game. I have also deliberately kept my rules as generic as possible to make sure that it will always load, even when out of date. I have been using my own filter for 3 years and have not yet had a load failure after a major update.

The filter can be found here (Google Drive link).

Mar 8 2018 - Put Essences into a proper rule. A friend pointed out they were getting caught by the debug rule (which I'm amazed I never noticed). Tweaked the endgame base rule down one level (>68 instead of >69) so that it catches Hubris Circlets.
Mar 9 2018 - Recolored divination cards to keep them closer to their original motif. They still stand out far better than they do by default.
Mar 11 2018 - Added Harbinger currency types to the currency rules. Moved coins and splinters into permanent currency rules to separate them visually from nets. (nets drop a crapload.)
Mar 14 2018 - Added a new top-end rule for rare items that are map-only base types. Divided nets into two rules - top-end (strong steel, thaumaturgical, necromancy) and everything else.
Mar 15 2018 - Revamped the filter to make use of the new DisableDropSound tag. All "Hide" rules now have their sound disabled, as well as nets of any tier lower than thaumaturgical (and thank Chris for that, they were driving me crazy).
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Bump, plus did some tweaks listed above.
Bump and small tweak.
Bumper cars
Bump. Also streaming if anyone wants a preview. Cremation elementalist on SSF Bestiary, currently 92.
No audio alerts??????
All my exalts,headhunter 2 leagues ago and rare divine cards usually drop off screen. If it wasnt for audio alerts, i would never backtrack.
So i never would have looted them.

How much loot are you missing out on and in ssf.......

Ill stick with neversinks.
Any screenshots of how different loot highlight?

I would really like some gorgeous visuals.
I'll try and get some screen grabs of loot presentation - I feel a bit sheepish I didn't think to do that in the first place.

Here's a couple to start.

Some misc stuff having just finished chasing an abyss around (the opal wand is being caught by the override rule near the top - I've been alching them trying to get an upgrade)

Breach loot

Same breach loot, with show items key held down
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Bump. Rolled the new DisableDropSound tag in where appropriate.

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