Anyone getting Kingdom come?

Completed 40 ChallengesI_NO wrote:
I rly rly rly do not like the combat in this game.

It's such dogshit



No seriously, the combat feels great once you learn how to fight properly.
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Boy don't make me eat your computer
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Completed 40 ChallengesI_NO wrote:
Boy don't make me eat your computer

stop it pls, i can't get those pictures out of my mind!
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Completed 11 ChallengesRexeos wrote:

I dont understand what you said. With 9xx (and older) cards change of resolution gives fps boost. In PoE change of resolution on 970 can go from 120 fps to 180 fps. If you have 1080 card change in fps is 0 fps and fps is only 150fps. I know, I tested it. Its not CPU bottleneck, its in Pascal architecture how cooperate with other hardware.

If you're CPU limited, lowering the resolution will get you little to no improvements in FPS.

If I was to play PoE with a 1080ti, lowering the resolution from 1440p to 720p would be next to no frame rate difference. Because PoE is considerably harder on CPU than GPU. It's also an unoptimized game. Any game that can run highs into the 200+, yet tank into the 25-30fps range is junk optimized. Maybe things have improved a little in PoE, but I haven't played PoE in awhile. PoE's frame rates on my readout, as soon as any action starts at all looks like a seismograph readout from an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. Whereas D3 runs pegged at 200fps, standing still, or attacking into groups of enemies.


I dont agree, whatever program should use maximum of CPU if needed. Thats the reason why not only gamers needs better and better hardware. Not to have reserve, but get more power/speed in whatever they do.

Lower CPU usage allows the GPU to set the bar for the frame rates.

Games run smoother when the GPU is the bottleneck, not the CPU. GPUs are better at dealing with bottlenecks. When you get a massive spike in CPU load, as a result of more NPCs, more physics going on, etc, that causes a catastrophic FPS loss. Or *hard* stutter. Modern games that are optimized use multi-threading to alleviate this. Like Witcher 3 for example. Or any FPS game designed to run consistent high frame rates. GPUs have less of a tendency to have spikes in load. Frame rate variation will usually be a gradual shift over a second or 2, rather than a spike. Etc, a transition from 60fps to 45fps is a lot better than 60fps to 45fps in 0.1s.

I've been running monitoring software on my PC for many years. When I lose frame rates on a game, I can look and see exactly what happened.


If somebody has lower hardware, than he asks for optimization for his hardware, but problem is his "shit" rig ("shit" is your word), not the program. If producers of whatever program find where they can do compromise which can not be visible, great. But engine on which Kingdom runs is already pretty maxed and tested and I doubt, there will be some boost in fps.

Recommended specs should mean consistent 60fps @ 1080p resolution. That's not what people are getting with PCs who got recommended specs. 60fps is the minimum standard for PC gaming.
Its 50% likely I'm trolling and 50% likely I'm serious.
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No, the game reeks of fire and forget support. Also the First Person view is crap, you can barely see what you are holding in your hand. No thank you, passing on this. Graphics are nice though. Game just looks rather boring if I had to point out exactly why I am not interested. I'll stick with Mordhau.
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My cousin says he's going to get this, and if he does I'll get access to it via family share and try it out.

Its 50% likely I'm trolling and 50% likely I'm serious.
Game has potential but it's currently an unoptimized piece of trash with tons of hitching, horrendous controls and the worst video game lockpicking mechanic ever conceived.
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Completed 40 ChallengesI_NO wrote:
I despise thee combat system is my complaint about it

It's like real life medieval melee combat, positioning, timing, mass, velocity, kinetic energy etc, instead of button mash and holding down block.

I love it. Fact you're just a squishy dude that gets tired and bleeds.
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