Nerf Scorching Ray, Blight

Dear GGG, Aodui here,

Please curb stomp Scorching Ray and Blight damage in PVP.

I know others may complain about Volatile Dead, but being a new skill, I really do not care.

Scorching Ray and Blight have had over a year to be broken in PVP, making the Hall of Grandmasters a joke.

Please nerf them to the ground in PVP and let new metas rise.

Thank you,

- Aodui
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Last time a dot got nerfed, someone (afhak) posted a video of it on leddit and in the feedback forum. Also death oath got nerfed because of a video on reddit.

So in order to nerf BLight and SR the vortex way, someone should make clip of life build having 75% chaos res + 10k life dying in 0.5 sec then post it.

This is the only way.

They will not read anything in this sub-forum, ever. I bet they forgot they have a pvp sub forum.

Ps: I bet SR will never get nerf because this is the lazy way they managed to make tank build in HOGM killable without pvp spec build. If you nerf SR they will have to find a way to balance es tank build in pvp and they are too lazy to do this.

SuicideAll wrote:
Maybe I'll head to GGG office and waste their time. Only the very, very dedicated employees will enjoy getting past the "annoying guy blocking the door". The rest can enjoy viewing the office from the dedicated employees stream
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I wouldn't put SR in the same line with Blight.

Since 3.0:
Scorching Ray now assumes a cast time of 4 seconds for calculating damage in PvP, down from 30 seconds.

2.5 sec duration 1-4k fire DoT isn't comparable with 5.7sec duration 10k chaos DoT vs 75% chaos res x 20.

Blight needs a fix, SR needs a rebalance.
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Completed 24 ChallengesAodui wrote:
Dear GGG, Aodui here,

Please curb stomp Scorching Ray and Blight damage in PVP.

Here's my proposed nerf for scorching ray, in pvp areas the name of the gem becomes scorching gay, that's a freebie btw ggg, no charge this time.
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