New trade filter feedback

Had a go on the Xbox version after seeing the new text filter added to the trade board, gotta say its a massive improvement. Well played GGG.

I, like many others had a few choice words about how tedious it was searching through literally hundreds of items to find something relevant to our builds (jewels... I HATED searching for jewels), but last night I managed to get a completely new set of 7 with relevant stats in about 20 minutes, just because of the highlight option.
Of course, there's still a couple of minor issues, like not showing all results without multiple searches & the greed of individuals, but it's a huge QoL improvement!

Cheers GGG, nicely done. If we could only get around the issues with rubber banding & desync, I'd be 100% happy with this version.
Last bumped on Jan 28, 2018, 4:24:32 AM

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