Trade Board: Buyout Option a Non-Starter? How about Pre-Approved?

Once GGG gets the pricing options system (including one price for an entire stash tab) up and running, I propose an additional option: Pre-Approved (PA). The PA option is for items that the seller has decided to sell if the ask price is met. The base mechanism follows.

When pricing an item, the seller selects the PA option and a price.
The item is marked as PA on the Trade Board.
The only valid offer for a prospective buyer on a PA item is the asked price.
If a buy offer is made on a PA item, the seller gets a notification that an offer has been made on a PA item - but no further info regarding which item, the asked price, or anything about the item.
The seller can accept or decline.

I also suggest an additional change to the sell side:
A player may process an offer on a PA item and only a PA item while they are in an instance.
How cumbersome the acceptance process might be is for GGG to manage but surely the interaction should be at the player's discretion. Acceptance or decline would trigger regular Trade Board processing.

The proposal would allow for opportunities to improve the trade process experience while retaining the existing player interaction in that trade process. And of course, if adopted, the details would probably differ from this proposal.
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Last bumped on Jan 27, 2018, 7:16:11 PM

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