Does the Creative Dept write checks the technical dept can't cash?

I often feel like it's one step forward two steps back with this game. Rubber banding and freezing noticeably worse since the last two patches for me. It freezes often enough, (ending in death) that hardcore would be impossible for me. Leveling past 85 very difficult for same reason. It's not my connection either. This doesn't happen with any other game...ever. I want so badly to donate more money to such a well thought out game, but I feel like I shouldn't continue to reward all the technical glitches. Since the patches I also have to reset Navali about 20% of the time in order for inputs to be recognized. There are some nice changes with the new patches obviously but as usual several new glitches as well. Don't give me the ability to set negotiate, exact and custom note and then take it away a few days later. So many great things about this game that it's just a shame it is so technically flawed. I'm not a huge gamer but I've played a few dozen since I was a kid and this game has more technical issues than any other that I've played. Are these problems just inherent with the depth of this game or does the creative department just outclass the technical department?
Last bumped on Jan 27, 2018, 5:02:54 PM
To answer the question... always. Thats why (to name one) Todd from bethesda said when asked bout future projects and vision that "the technology isnt there yet" and I take that with a grain of salt (dumptruck full of) seeing the majority glitchy open world games by bugthesda cuz I have no idea what that means (maybe an elder scrolls game running in VR w/o motion sickness @16K) then yeah "that" technology doesnt excist...yet. Imagining 1 thing and creating it are 2 different fields. Like the QoL stuff and the cosmetic, One is handy and kinda mandatory (good luck enjoying everything this game has to offer with 10 tabs), the other 1 is for that "cool" factor and useless but these are the times we live in and it makes them money. I would rather see that time being put into the game instead of new ways to portray a portal but I dont run a gamestudio so what do I know, in the end u either agree with the direction taken or u play something else.

The set price was something that wasnt supposed to be in the game yet if I remember correctly but its good to know it already works and I dont see why it had to be removed but we're no devs so who knows what the reason is/was.

The rubberbanding etc is something that some ppl experience and others dont, nature of the beast I guess and complely normal when talking about games. What does not work for u might work for others and vice versa regardless of same/different hardware.

It could be far worse tho and seeing how new they are to the console scene, they did allright. Ofc the more time passes, the less valid that "excuse" will become. Maybe by the end of the league it'll be what it needed to be and hopefully the new league will introduce less "new" bugs & glitches. Only time will tell and remember that even if the xbox version crashes and burn, they got their good ol' pc version to rely and survive on like they've been doing for many years... Cosmetics and visuals are priority #1, the game u play has become second and even tho that pisses me of to no end, what am I gonna do about it?

Hang in there bud, it just might get better and if not, well Im sure there will be other games u can play now and/or in the future.

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