Returning Player Overwhelmed by standard How to Liquidate?

Completed 13 ChallengesTriniGamer wrote:
^ I remember how people bragged about items in POE matters, they bragged that in D3 you have an item now and in 1 month its outdated because it can't keep up while in POE you will have a legacy item and decades later the price would go up so it was worth it to spend a year or more farming to buy a legacy mjolner.

Then just like that POE turned into the dog shit we know as D3.

Exactly. I had one thing in mind - finish my build = get so crazy gear even shitty ball lightning will work. SOrry, nope, items retro nerfed. bye
It's my mission in life to deflate egos and put people in their proper place in spite how intelligent they think they are.

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