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Does anyone have any way to tell roughly what something is worth? I'm so beyond stumped it's crazy. I get it, you can search but that seems so painfully difficult to me. It's not extremely friendly as it seems to reset the stats if you refresh and have to re-enter everything and my pc struggles to switch back and forth from trade/game anyway.

I'm just looking for more insight or basics to pricing rather than someone linking me poe trade.

These items for example, I feel are kind of decent.. but when I try to search in poetrade, nothing comes up in the results. I've also never got this far in a league so I never tried to sell stuff before, it's new territory for me.


Ignore the listed price, I did that just to hold them while I tried to learn a bit. At the moment, I'm just putting a price on a tab and dumping stuff in it. So much sells instantly. I feel like I'm either losing out or just wasting time picking stuff up. I probably even destroy stuff that is decent.

Sorry for rambling, just completely lost here. Any help would be beyond appreciated.

Thank you.
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could try website for pricing might giveu good idea just hover ur item hit ctrl+c to copy then ctrl+v to paste into website. make sure its on standard or abyss.
Completed 2 ChallengesxPiranha wrote:
could try website for pricing might giveu good idea just hover ur item hit ctrl+c to copy then ctrl+v to paste into website. make sure its on standard or abyss.

I guess that is more helpful than as far as getting an idea for price range. I'll give that a shot when I'm in game. Thanks for that tool.
Really new to the game, died once... first character to endgame. I feel you some stuff I just leave until a friend comes online but I've learned that in HC it's Health > Res. Without that just trash it. So it isn't too hard. Most is trash since it's missing out or got bad rolls. Played for 80h and I kind of know when it's time to check the price - I use had the same problem as you the first hours until I realized that you need to press the button on the top of the page to get back to the item and it's specifics you've searched for. I always went back in history and ended up with an empty search field without my requirements!
It's not your fault. For rare items there is really no such thing as a correct price. Unless they are really boring armour with life+defenses+resists, they are so different, they are mostly one of a kind. Especially with the new elder and shaper mods, there really is nothing available for comparison. And even if you found 'prices' on or wherever, they are not necessarily realistic (the stuff you cam still see on is stuff that did not sell at those prices, mind you). There is no record whatsoever of actual transaction prices.

Here are a few tips though:


One thing you can do if you have a bunch of stash tabs is labeling them 1c 2c 3c 5c 10c 20c 30c 50c 1ex for example and start dumping your stuff in there. Then every week you trash the stuff in the 1c stash and relabel the stashes 2c->1c 3c->2c ... 1c->1ex and you have a fresh 1ex stash. Rinse and repeat, it takes next to no effort and you won't be dumping items.


You could simply forget about stuff worth below 1 ex, for example, and at least try to figure out what is worth 1ex+. That takes a lot less knowledge than trying to know everything about 5c items vs 2c items, and the big catches will probably make most of your currency in the long run, anyways.


If you put up an item for sale and you get immediate offers, dont sell it and relist it at a higher price. It is best to sell if you get only 1 or 2 offers after a couple of hours, or only the odd offer after a couple of days. That is a person that really wants that special item and is probably willing to pay the most for it. In such cases, sell and be happy and dont haggle.

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