How do u craft your maps before run it?(some tips for regular players as me)

Hey guys!

I'm a regular player without god RNG and this league I'm trying to understand a little more about sextant blocks and a better map craft at least more than alch and go.

Yesterday i dicide to craft my 72 shaped atoll that was the result:

After alch scouring alch and corrupt from those 72 i was able to run 55 atolls the others became reflect/no leech/no regen maps so i just sold them for 3c each

Use 2 White sextant every 3 runs i had this result:

Spend 444c to craft counting those sextants and got 588c profit from those runs = 144c profit kinda disapointed with the result.

Today i dicide to craft 35 shaped channels the same way as but with 4 sextants

After corruption i was abble to run 30 channels the orther was sold for 2.5-3c each(some became atolls)

I got this results from 30 channels 4 sextants:

I know we cant count with a kaom's heart drop but even without it the profit was 225c, considerably higher than atoll if u calculate the profit per map it's became really high, 2.61c/atoll against 7.5c/channel.

I'm not counting time to run(which is a mistake) cuz I'm not a really concentrated player and do alot of breaks between maps.

Here's my stash after 30 channels

So how do u craft ur map and what's ur strategy to run?

Some tips i wish i had received earlier:

1° Corrupted maps can skyrocket ur profits if u can run almost all mods

2° Spend at least 30 minutes at filter blade making a own filter, I probably lose some good profit using cute dog filter once it doesnt show high quality gems

3° After all i dont know if Bisco's collar make u get more maps but it really make u drop more currency at all

4° Stop thinking the only currency is chaos and exalteds that will make u feel rly disapointed just type currency in search and count everything

5° Left just 3 maps in ur tab that will ensure u will use sextants for next runs and just throw the drops in a let to sell/organize after u did all ur maps

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Man, how many the wind cards you droped from atoll?

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I'm lazy, so I just chuck an alc on the map and go. If its T14+ I chisel.
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Completed 5 ChallengesSrKadO wrote:
Man, how many the wind cards you droped from atoll?

OFF: Lixo de Mapa huehuehe

After 55 runs i got just ONE wind T_T!!!!! almost just had that profit cuz in the last 5 maps i got the wind and the spark blablabla
Should really chisel your maps too, I mean it's usually alch + vaal. If you can run 1 or 2 more map mods that should have you not sell the maps you need to one. (no leech, no regen and no reflect is pretty wide).
I usually chisel + Alc and then vaal my channels.

4 white sextants too.

Throwing in spare sacrifice fragments for 5-15% more (honestly not sure if it stacks)

Sometimes using zana mods ( also not sure if it's worth it)

I seem to be gaining in amounts of shaped channels maps, but currency seems to be same/stagnant.

Also checking in to see what good advice the people here can give.

the only thing that i invest in map is alchemy and some vaals i sell the chisels and sextants you get more profit, drop rate in maps most t10+ its fucked you dont get almost anything in return when you invest on rerolls, sextants, and chisels, i spent a lot of chisels and sextants on maps and i dont get a shit back.
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use those sac frags (sell Midnights) on our maps
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for the builds i play

chisel > alc > go t11+, prior to that transmute and run. Sextants are a given depending on the map.

Usually the only mods i can't run is reflect of a specific type, and no leech/no regen depending on the build, and as of late with my summoner and miner addiction, literally any mod.

Everything else is chucked in, those select mods are either rerolled or traded away depending on my position in the league when it comes to map stockpile. (and my builds)
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Alch, white sextants, go.

Just use sextants, you are trolling yourself if you don't. [Obviously block the shit mods first]

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