Crackling audio/Popping sound

I've noticed recently, well ever since 3.1 launched, a very distinct/annoying popping sound that shows up intermittently. I search the forums and saw a few other posts of people complaining but no solutions. It's extremely irritating so any help or tips on a fix would be appreciated. Thanks
Last bumped on Jan 11, 2018, 1:20:05 AM

Unfortunately its almost impossible to fix issues like this without having steps to reproduce the problem.

If you ever find a reliable way to do so let me know!
The audio guy.
Just speculating, if it were a bug in the code its likely to have a larger spread of instances in the community. I think its more likely a data issue i.e. corrupt audio files, they can certainly cause large blips or pops like that due to digital compression.

I would run a scan disk over your POE installation directory to confirm that your HDD isn't failing, and then reinstall POE. If you're using the steam version you can verify the installation as well (right click the game -> properties -> local files tab -> verify installation).

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