Unique map Twilight Temple boss portal bug...

Reference number: 3,512,051,265.

I paid 28c on a "The Twilight Temple" map to complete the challenge and after i cleared all the place, when i would kill the boss the portal didn't have opened... My friend said that the near Abyssal Depths maybe caused this bug to happen, but the only thing i know is that i have lost 28c and my time tryin to figure out what was going on... I hope you guys fix that because this is a embarassing situation.

Sorry for my poor english, but i really want that no one suffer with the same i did.


Last bumped on Jan 7, 2018, 7:25:39 PM

Same issue over here.

I confirm this issue.
Thanks for the reports and sorry for the wasted maps.
This should have been happening when you would go back to an already triggered plate - let us know if it happened differently for you.

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