Elder mod supported by x level immolate giving wrong mod.

I have a 4l helmet with socketed gems are supported by level 18 immolate and level 16 minion damage, it seems to be that its actually supported by burning damage support and not immolate.

tested this with spectre, putting burning damage support in the 4l does nothing but putting immolate in the 4l helm shows the support on the skill toolbar and increases the mana cost of raise spectre.

https://imgur.com/a/M6Uq9 .
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Bumping all the threads I could find about this in case GGG does not know yet. I have confirmed my helm is bugged too. Tested with a Scorching Ray being scaled as if it was a Burning Damage Support.
Thanks for the report.
Yup this seems to be a universal phenomenon. same thing here.
I was so hyped about a build I was going to make with a elder helm, this new discovery man!!!!, I hope I can make use of this before I quit league.
any update on this
ign trapthrowin

oops, seems it has been corrected
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