Skills disappear on skillbar with Poet's Pen

I do play a VD-Unearth-Cremation build with 2 Poet's Pen.
Normally on my skillbar i can see VD outgrey'd to check the Tooltip DPS on the run.
But only on this slot where the game set it to. If i "overwrite" the slot with Flame Dash, after
the next "cast" of VD it swaps the skills on the skillbar. So if i want VD on T of my skillbar i have to equip it as the last skill. Same goes with Unearth and cremation.

So my setup is like:
LMB - Move only.
MMB - Herald of Ice/Anger
RMB - Frenzy
Q - Portal
W - Assasin's Mark
E - Flame Dash
R - Volatile Dead
T - Unearth

If i swap now Volatile with Unearth, do one attack with Frenzy, it swaps them back. If i unequip Volatile and Unearth, and equip Unearth first and then Volatile gems, then it "saves" the right order of skills for me. But even then, i cannot swap them until i unequip them.

Maybe it's wanted, but feels like a bug to me.
For me it's reproduceable
Last bumped on Jan 10, 2018, 6:18:19 PM
I'm having the same issue. Dual wielding 2 poet's pens, spells will randomly reset themselves to different bindings. Really annoying bug
Hello, thanks for the reports. This has been fixed on our local servers but I cannot say when it will be patched to the live realm, hopefully soon though!
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