Gloomfang + Magma Orb not working

Using Gloomfang with Magma Orb adds no chaos damage to hits.

Every chained hit should add ~15% of non-chaos damage as chaos damage per chain.
Tested on mob with Energy-Shield, no HP damage until ES was gone.

=> Chained Magma Orb projectiles do not count as chained projectiles?

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can you confirm if the extra chain is been given or not?
Same problem here, hope they fix it.
Still bugged as of 3.1.1.
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Just to add that I have tested this myself using Gloomfang, Magma Orb, and Poison. It won't poison at all, which shows that no chaos damage is added. Really hoping for a fix on this.
Probably working as intended.

Because the damage isn't done by a projectile but instead of the attached aoe damage. Thats why magmaorb explosions can shotgun/hit multiple times, other chaining skills can't hit the same target in a row. (Wiki: "A target cannot be hit twice in a row, but can be hit again if the chain proceeds back and forth between two targets.")

Idea to prove this theory (i didn't...): test fireball (or AB? BL?) with Gloomfang -> If the aoe deals no chaosdamage, Gloomfang doesn't seem to scale with the aoe-part of any projectile skill(?).

Just an idea... i don't know either.
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Completed 8 ChallengesKaria_Price wrote:
can you confirm if the extra chain is been given or not?

The extra chain does work. Include the helm chant and it is very good combo. Was still testing the poison and looks like the same issue seen in OP.
Must be working for me as I see visuals of chaos damage being dealt to my targets such as the purple explosion from targets taking crits or substantial chaos damage? I mean for it to be fully effective you SHOULD be using slower projectiles if you're not well that may be your issue... Also the initial hit shouldn't add any since that wouldn't be considered a chain.
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As long as it does not bypass the energy shield, it is still bugged.
I think you all are counting the initial hit and not using slower projectiles because it's definitely working for me :).

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